The Convict and the Rose

by Jan Sikes
RiJan Publishing
380 Pages
ISBN: 9780692203422
(c) 2014
First Edition - The TAIH Museum has one copy signed by the author.

In the sequel to Flowers and Stone, Luke and Darlina find their love severely tested as they struggle to overcome enormous odds. When Texas veteran musician, Luke Stone, finds himself behind bars with a seventy-five year sentence, he is filled with hate, anger and rebelliousness. He's lost everything that he treasures, including the woman who holds his heart. How has it come down to this? He's spent his entire life writing songs and making music, filling dancehalls and bars from Texas to California. But, when he refuses to tell the FBI what he knows about certain bank robberies that he possesses knowledge of, they make sure he pays dearly. Broken and alone, in a prison of her own, Darlina Flowers struggles to find a way to live without the man she loves so completely. Over the next fifteen years, Luke and Darlina each search for ways to somehow survive the fate life has hurled them into. In an effort to dull the pain of living with only half a heart, Darlina gets involved in drugs, then follows a guru and tries different relationships, but nothing fills the void. Several years pass before Luke makes up his mind that prison will not break him. He crawls up from the bottom one tiny step at a time, determined to be and do something worthwhile and discovers artistic talents he never realized he had. The Convict and the Rose inspires hope and shows how anyone can turn a negative dark situation into a positive one. But more importantly, the story portrays a love that goes beyond earthly confines and proves how persistence and faith come with their own sweet reward. Join Luke and Darlina as they continue their epic journey with love as their constant North Star and freedom as the driving force.

Personal History of the Book:

This is a Biographical Fiction book, meaning it is a true story but told through fictitious characters. It is a very personal story as I am one of the characters. While incarcerated, Luke Stone (aka Rick Sikes) advocated for a recording studio for inmates to use. With no funding provided, permission was granted and many recordings were made inside  Leavenworth Penitentiary

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