Jimmy Martin

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Sam’s world had crashed around him, as what should have been a pleasant goodbye party at Pat O’Brien’s turned into the Dragon Lady Massacre. Melissa was left in a Coma and fighting for her life, and Sam sunk further into depression as the months slowly rolled by.Sandra, now worried as much about Sam as Melissa, finally made him go back to New Orleans to face his Demons. While there a chance encounter with a “Witch” in the French Quarter set Sam’s life on a path that he would have never believed just a few short months before. With his old buddy Richard “Twilight Zone” Serling in tow, he sets off to Haiti, the Voodoo Isle.The destination is an old man in the town of Les Cayes who can show Sam the way to the legendary “Pier of Wishes”. If a person can survive the trials and tribulations of the Pier, he can have any wish granted that he desires. If he fails any test he never comes back! And planted firmly in his way is the Baron Samedi, Voodoo God and the Man who cannot die!Follow Sam through this fourth adventure, the most mystical and supernatural yet!