Jimmy Martin

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After having accidentally met and subsequently been chased all over Texas by Government Agents and a Billionaire Drug Lord, Sam and Melissa had become inseparable. They spent every single day for the next 6 months with each other. Finally, it became time for them to spend a weekend apart. And that’s where it quickly gets complicated all over again!Melissa was part of a tradition started by old college friends whereby a group of girls would spend a weekend in Bandera Texas, the self-proclaimed “Cowboy Capital of the World”. They would raft the river, ride horses, and party “before, during, after, and in between”! Melissa had decided to bring Sandra along to introduce her into the group, with her “Bottomless Tequila Cupboard” in tow.Sam decided to take this opportunity to go to Dallas to visit an old college friend of his own, nicknamed “Twilight Zone”, that he hadn’t seen in a while. Plus, he had a vision, something concerning Dealey Plaza the Kennedy Assassination and a man named Shorty Tall.Its two times the adventure, complete with a dice rolling Contract Killer, a murderous Mexican Girl Gang, a Popsicle eating Sasquatch, and the Dumbest Waitress in the South! All set during the Great Texas Springtime Floods of 2015!