Author: Dominick J. Cirincione and J'Nell L. Pate
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 978-0738584881
Copyright: August 2011
Pages: 128

In 1986, the Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train joined the 150th birthday celebration that commemorated the state’s independence from Mexico. The wagon train followed a jagged 3,000-mile circle around the state to bring it within approximately 100 miles of every town or city in Texas. The six-month schedule began January 2, 1986, in Sulphur Springs and was followed so closely that each town or city knew the exact day the wagon train would arrive and could make plans for welcoming it with local events. Some folks traveled the entire route; others joined for a day or a week. A total of 10,000 riders from 27 states traveled at least a part of the way during the six months. While people and wagons came and went, a core group of participants and support staff completed the entire trip, arriving at the Fort Worth Stockyards on July 3, 1986, for a final celebration.


Coauthor Dominick J. Cirincione caught up with the train on weekends and became an acknowledged participant. He took the bulk of the photographs that appear in this book. Coauthor J’Nell L. Pate researched news clippings and wrote the text.