Texas Auto Trails - The South

by Myra Hargrave McIlvain
University of Texas Press
ISBN: 0-292-78064-8
(c) 1985
First Edition

From the author of several popular guides to historic regions of the Lone Star State comes an entertaining and informative set of driving tours through South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.

Here are four "auto trails" that will take you away from it all to the fascinating small towns and peaceful countryside of South Texas.  You will return refreshed and informed from each of these inexpensive holidays.

Travel with Myra McIlvain as your guide and discover

  • the mighty King Ranch, which sweeps across some 825,000 acres of South Texas
  • lush tropical foliage and luxuriant citrus groves, source of the fruit the Valley is famous for
  • a stunning seaside museum designed by the internationally famous architect Philip Johnson
  • the majestic San Juan Shrine, where thousands come to worship and be healed
  • the water wonderland of Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, and the resort community of south Padre Island
  • mobster Al Capone's yacht, and outstanding museum of oriental art, a live oak featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not," the "turtle lady" of the Texas coast, and much, much more.

McIlvain guides us across the border as well, with side trips to the bustling Mexican cities of H. Matamoros, Reynosa, and Nuevo Laredo and to several colorful small villages along the Rio Grande.

Clear directions and a good map of each route accompany lively tales of the history of the region.  McIlvain points the way to art galleries and museums, historic houses, unusual features of the landscape, restored hotels and favorite eating places, antique shops and artists' studios, and many more places to go and things to do in South Texas and the Valley.

Myra Hargrave McIlvain is a writer who's previous books include Texas Auto Trails: The Southeast and Texas Auto Trails: The Northeast, also published by the University of Texas Press.



Above was copied from the back of one of the original books we now have in storage

The author donated a copy of this book to the museum and included a note card for with the book.

Autographed dedication to Ockin reads:

May 8, 1985
To Ockin;
The last Texas guide.
Let's hope the next will be a novel.
Myra Jean

The authors note about the dedication:

Elkin (Ockin) Minter (1909-1996) was my Aunt who traveled the world, read extensively and encouraged my writing from the beginning. 

My hope came true.  The next book Legacy, was a novel!