CM Bratton

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Twelve MORE stories. Twelve MORE accounts of pain and acceptance. Of rejection and hope. Of brains and hunger. Of try, failing, and mostly succeeding. Twelve MORE tales. Twelve MORE insights into the shallow depths of simple minds grappling to understand their new natures. Twelve MORE. Of THEM. Of their struggles against the monster inside, their fight for control, their unceasing appetite. Twelve. MORE. Zombies. Their stories. Here. In this book. Right now. Twelve. MORE. (you sure you wanna end on more? well, uh, I guess... oh. okay then.) Twelve. MORE. (are we mentioning the new doctor? not here. oh. um... can I finish? oh, of course. sorry.) Twelve MORE - Ah, forget it. I can't believe this happened again. Look, twelve MORE stories... zombies... with problems... yeah. You still get it.