Can't Build a Fence

by Linda Nelson Ellis
Dancing with the Bear Publishing
200 pages
ISBN: 978-0-61599523-6
(c) 2014
First Edition

Mack Sawyer & his brother, Clint become involved with hippotherapy after visiting Sunshine Camp for disabled children. There Mack meets counselor Kelsi Davis and it's love at first sight. That is until a tornado injures Kelsi and she's paralyzed. Not wanting to be a burden to Mack, she makes sure he overhears a conversation with her mother, saying she no longer wanted to live in the country or be with Mack. Both are left with broken hearts but will a strong country heart be able to change a city's girls' heart?

History of the book:

My husband made a comment about one of our cows.  "I can't build a fence that will keep her.  I can build a fence that will cut her up, but I can't build a fence that will keep her."

I told him there was a country song int here somewhere.  After his death, I began thinking of a story to go with the statement.  With the help of the East Texas Writers Guild in Tyler, and my critque group, the book took shape and was published by Dancing With Bear.  I am working on the sequel, Cutting the Fence.  This also takes place at the camp, but will include soldiers and others with PTSD.

Linda Nelso Ellis - March 30, 2015



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