6 Central Texas Auto Tours

by Myra Hargrave McIlvain
Eakin Press
ISBN: 0-89015-242-x
(c) 1980
First Edition


Six Central Texas Auto Tours is a gift and guidebook for travelers interested in stories that surround some of the historic spots in the state.  The book is for the curious who wonder: "what's down that road?" or "what are theyd oing over there?" or "why is this town here?"  The writer and artist have trooped through fields, climbed over fences, and waded a river to answer thsoe questions.  Six Central Texas Auto Tours shares the discoveries with the reader.

Locla legends, Indian and Anglo horror stories, good eating, and unusual shops are woveninto trails.  Many locations are sketched to make the tales come alive.

The book itnroduces modern Texas immigrants to this area and shares sotries of their early-day counterparts.  It also offers parents an illustrated opportunity to entertain and educate their children while driving through the country.

Many of Texas' best storeis are hidden in out-of-the way palces.  The upswing in hsitorical interest and the urge to hear a good tale, will make this fascinating reading for the armchair-traveler as ell.

The design is for short-trip holidays beginning at Austin.  However the trails may be started at any point along the way.


Above was copied from the back of one of the original books we now have in storage

Personal Note from the Author:

The author donated a copy of this book to the museum and included a note card for with the book.

Autographed dedication to Ockin reads:

To Ockin
Whose love and encouragement kept me writing all these years.  And, look what happened.
Myra Jean
Virgina Erickson

The authors note about the dedication:

Elkin (Ockin) Minter (1909-1996) was my Aunt and mentor.  This was my first book, and non one was more delighted than Ockin.

All young women and girls need a mentor who looks for and celebrates their potential.

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