Campbell, Louis H

Author: Louis H Campbell
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 978-1481251440
Copyright: January 2013

They were married! Following his graduation from Yale College of Business and against the wishes of his parents, Zebulon Montgomery wedded his strawberry blond French beauty whose life had been so upside down. Their relationship had developed through an astonishing series of letters written between them for a year, and blossomed upon their eventual meeting in the Boston commons. In spite of tradition, what was supposed to be, and what was expected, Zeb married Gamine and set about a career in farming the land she had inherited. Overwhelmed by much of the technology of the beginning of the 20th Century, but aided with assistance from dear neighbors, Zeb confronts the problems and issues of marriage, establishing their fragile relationship in spite of considerable communication problems. This compelling love story offers much to those of the 21st Century in terms of the importance of commitment regardless of one’s past.