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Splintered the 2nd book in the Asunder - Historical Fiction Trilogy, begins with a bang - with Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln at the death of their son, Willie - and the action never lets up.
All the superbly memorable characters from the first book return plus some highly intriguing new ones - Texas horse wranglers, The McGavin brothers. They must fight Comanche raiders, and face tornadoes and swollen rivers. The course of their lives intermingles with the main characters.

Cyntha Favor, Constance Carver, and JosiahReynolds attempt a dangerous escape from the clutches of the army.

Joseph Favor, still suffering from amnesia, fights for his life. Will he survive the battles?

Minnesota banker, Anthony Favor, is wanted for bank robbery. He has found new treasure. He meets with General Ben McCulloch.
Sara, the demure farm-girl and horsewomanis chased by marauders and must defend a family of Cherokees. She searches forthe man she loves - Joseph Favor.
In addition, the slave, Abram, somehowgains his freedom and departs on a new life that leads to a most intriguingconnection with some of the major players in the Civil War. Discover what is the secret plan Lucas andWorkman have as they weave their way toward Washington and Richmond?
Asunder readers will delight in the return of abolitionists Cyntha and Joseph Favor, Confederate sympathizers Sara Reeder and Constance Carver
From its heart-wrenching opening scene of stoic grief in a Lincoln White House on the day of his son Willie's death to the final heart-wrenching battle scene and surprising political plot, Splintered proves itself a novel of sweeping, artfully rendered proportions, and one that is at times deeply moving, while always intelligent and socially conscious.