Cindy C Murray

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Sophie and Scottie live on a ranch and receive a package from their globetrotting Auntie Jill, which acts as a portal to amazing adventures! The gift is a picture frame that glows in multicolored crystals and then grows when a picture is put into it that is also provided by their Auntie. The courageous sisters must empower themselves to navigate where they are in the picture of the frame. Since the frame is magical, each girl develops a talent to help them in their adventure.

The girls walk through the frame, finding themselves in Mexico with Dr. Drake, who is engaged to Auntie Jill and can be trusted. He says that he's been "waiting" for them and asks if they will help him to find the missing monarch butterflies.

They start their action-packed journey early in the morning where they meet their guide, Diego, and will help them on their adventure. They stop to camp and Sophie can't sleep, so she sneaks out of her tent and with some help from a mischievous map and stumbles upon an amazing secret canyon where a toucan speaks to her and a cat-like creature named Jinx wants to help them find the butterflies too.

Can Sophie convince the group to follow her to the canyon? Will they be able to solve where the monarch butterflies have disappeared to?

Join Sophie and Scottie as they use a touch of science and a bit of magic to solve this monarch mystery!