Cindy Murray

This is Book 3 in the series - Sophie and Scottie's adventures on a remote pacific island was amazing, but it was now time to return to Shear Heaven Ranch by riding on horseback through their magical crystal picture frame! As the fraternal twin sisters look to the sky, they could tell that a powerful storm was coming and they needed to use their clever skills to help Ma and Pa during and after the storm.

The storm had passed and the summer sun began to dry out the ranch, but who was the boy helping ranch-hand Jack? Whoever he was, the girls knew this kid must never find out about the magical frame, or would he?

Sophie and Scottie were ready for their next adventure. Luckily Auntie Jill's instructions were simple to follow. But, oh no, their dog Molly ran through the frame before they could go through to a land consisting of snow covered mountains and massive pine trees. All three find themselves on a boat with their Uncle Drake heading towards a mountain with an enormous rock shaped like a front tooth that was balancing ever so carefuly on the mountaintop! Once at their destination called the Colossal Candy Castle, Sophie and Scottie learn that Samuel McSweet lives at the castle but why is he there? Join the girls as they must interact with the largest grizzly bear they'd ever seen and why a bald eagle is constantly watching them. The curious sisters rely on their bravery and wit along with their trusty map to solve this sugar mystery of Sweet Tooth Rock!

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