Joe Kilgore
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A favor for a friend puts San Diego private investigator Brig Ellis in contact with a real knockout. But the first time they meet, the specter of larceny hangs in the air like the stale scent of Al Capone's cigar. Before Ellis can decide to make a pass or make tracks, he is hired by the black sheep of a dysfunctional dynasty to retrieve the clan's daughter from apparent involvement with Zapatista rebels in Mexico. A tale of two cities ensues laden with hidden agendas, revelations, recriminations, murder, mayhem, and a final conflict that unfolds on the eight thousand foot cliffs of the Copper Canyon Railway. But perhaps it's not as final as it seems. SIN AND SOMBREROS marks the debut of Kilgore's contemporary gumshoe whose character traits are rooted firmly in the past. He'll be tilting at windmills and turning over trouble in a series of Brig Ellis sagas. Keep an eye out for the next one.