Shadows on the Land: An Anthology of Texas Historical Marker Stories

by Myra Hargrave McIlvain
Texas Historical Commission
ISBN: Non Issued - Private Print
(c) 1984
First Edition

Since the present Texas historical marker program began in the 1960's, several thosuand stories have been recorded through the efforts of country historical commissions.  These stories, which tell the people's history, reflect the rich heritage and cultural diversity of the state.  Together, they provide a comprhensive record of the individuals, architecture, events, and archeology that shaped Texas.

If you have ever read a Texas historical marker and wanted to know more about the topic, you will enjoy Shadows on the Land.  It contains expanded marker articles by Myra Hargrave McIlvain, who uses her enthusiasm for history and her sense of humor to "tell a good story."  Orignially written for the Texas Historical COmmission and printed in newspapers statewide, the articles ahve generated a great deal of interest in Texas history and int he state's historical marker program.  Included with the articles are maps showing the general location of the markers and detailed directos to the marker sites.

Althrough the stores in Shadows on the Land may not be included in general histories of the state, you will find they provide an interesting sampler of Texas heritage.  As modifiers of a larger story, they will give you a new perspective of Texas history.


Above was copied from the back of one of the original books we now have in storage

Personal Note from the Author:

The author donated a copy of this book to the museum and included a note card for with the book.

Autographed dedication to Ockin reads:

May 11, 1984
To Ockin,
for nuturing me.
Myra Jean

The authors note about the dedication:

Elkin (Ockin) Minter (1909-1996) was my Aunt who traveled the world, read extensively and encouraged my writing from the beginning.