Working in the healthcare arena is "what I do" My job duties included helping people to learn about healthcare. I specialized in persons coping with failed surgeries. Often, by the time I got the chance to educate patients is when I considered it to be too late. By the time that a patient was referred to me for health education, they already had complications, revision(s), additional injuries, relapse(s) or rejection. By the time they saw me, they were overwhelmed and confused. Furthermore, some of the complications were completely preventable and they suffered a huge consequence for just a small oversight.

So this is why I wrote Patient Better; because I needed a way to get to people and educate before it was too late. If I was able to get to the folks that suffered (really, they suffered) before they were already going through their occurrence then I would greatly increase their chance to go through the issue and get them back to their lives more quickly.

Thnk of Patient Better as a safe tool to get a kickstart on your healthcare knowledge. Furthermore, I will be adding to my collection with handbooks such as Chronic Care Conditions, Travelers That Require Healthcare, How to Co-Share Care with Others, and Patient Better for Kids (12 and up). So, keep coming back and join the Patient Better community!


Thanks to all of my readers who help me to continue my dreams!