I’ve led a colorful life, fueling my imagination for telling stories, fables, fabrications and fiction.

I was born in Bakersfield California and abandoned by my parents in Seattle, Washington. After living in the foster care system for some years, I was eventually adopted.

I’ve lived in Idaho, Washington, California, Virginia, and now make my home in Texas. My wife, Lora and I have four grown children of whom we are justifiably proud, not because we were such good parents, but because God is good.

I’ve written several books of historical fiction and an illustrated book on the training of horses, in addition to authoring and/or contributing to numerous technical manuals and articles in various publications and periodicals.

As a horse trainer and clinician (I trained performance horses for twenty five years), I had occasion to travel extensively and I’ve been blessed to work with a variety of horses and people in amazing circumstances and locations. I’ve herded cattle in Texas, chased kangaroos on horseback through the Australian Outback, guided pack-trips into the high Sierras and the Colorado Rockies, conditioned and trained thoroughbred race horses, galloped a warmblood on the bank of a canal that was surveyed by George Washington, and spent uncounted, delightful hours breaking bread with unique characters in diverse parts of the world.

At one (brief) point I was one of the 3% of fine visual artists who earned their entire income from sales of their art. I’m a painter and sculptor. Most years, my family was subjected to living with a guy who was part of the 97% of starving artists, or those who have to earn their income in some other way. I'm a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Western Writers of America.

Under the name Daniel Roland Banks I write books of contemporary mystery/crime and detective thrillers. In 2013, after 40+ years of searching, I found and got reacquainted with my half-brother and a host of relatives from my mother’s side of the family. I can’t sing or dance, but I’d like to think I’m considered an accomplished horseman, an engaging public speaker and an excellent judge of single malt Scotch.