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Stephen by Gary Zacharyby Gary D Zackery
Self Published
ISBN: 9781456727116
(c) 2012
First Edition

Synopsis of the book:

Inspirational Youth Fiction, Stephen is the main character of the story and basically becomes a Joshua to rescue and lead his people to their Canaan (Promised) Land. The book exalts personal character and honor. May be read in a single sitting, making it more conducive to group readings.

History behind the book as told by the author:

I wrote Stephen while trying to find a way to minister to a young man that was experiencing a lot of peer and family pressure. It was my hope that the story would inspire the young man to look beyond his current dilemma and grow thru it to a better and stronger person. At the same time, I had an eye toward a more general audience and how the story might be instrumental in reaching hearts with the gospel while not preaching to them directly. The ideas and morals presented in the Scriptures are good for everyday living in a way most people not familiar with them might never see otherwise.  It was my desire to create a hunger in young minds


Information was provided by the author on March 25, 2015

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