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Pecos Crossing

Kelton, Elmer

Author: Elmer Kelton
Publisher: Thorndike Press
ISBN: 978-0786295609
Copyright: June 2007
Pages: 229

Johnny Fristo and Speck Quitman, young, hard-working cowboys from Fort Concho, Texas, have worked six months--at $20 a month--on the Devil's River. Their boss, a hawk-faced cow trader named Larramore, reneges on the money he owes the boys and sneaks out of the cow camp and heads for San Angelo.

Fristo is tall and thin, his mind a hundred miles away; Quitman is short, bandy-legged, and "bedazzled by the flash of cards and the slosh of whiskey." The two are as different as sun and moon but are inseparable―and now they have a mission: find Larramore and extract the money he owes them.


Editorial Reviews

“If there's an heir to the Louis L'Amour legacy, it's Kelton.” ―Booklist

“One thing is certain: as long as there are writers as skillful as Elmer Kelton, Western literature will never die.” ―True West Magazine

--This text refers to the Mass Market Paperback edition. 



Author: Elmer Kelton
Publisher: Forge Books
Retail: Varies
ISBN: 978-0765348951
Copyright: June 3, 2008
Pages: 176