This document is designed to be left ‘open’ for you to complete the information. Do not worry about everything fitting into a section. We want as much information as you want to give to us. Remember, this is for future generations to learn about you and your book(s). Please complete as many copies of this form as needed for each book. Once completed, simply save a copy to your hard drive and email the form to: History@TexasAuthors.Institute our staff will then process the information and email you when done for your review. If we feel something is missing or we need more information, we will contact you by phone or email.

NOTE: We will be creating a YouTube channel for the museum, thus, you are welcome to video tape the information below and send it to us for editing and uploading to our channel. The form below must still be completed even if you do a video, this will help our web master in creating a database of information. You may use for free to send us the video. Please use this email address: History@TexasAuthors.Institute when sending us the information.