In 2014, we created the Texas Authors Institute of History as a museum to save the rich history of Texas authors. We created a website and began collecting books from Texas authors, and posted their works onto the site.

In 2018, Eastern Europeans (Russia) hacked our website. At first, it was just annoying, and we hurried to set up programs to help stop them. But sadly, they were able to go in and make a mess of things.

While on the outside the website was functioning, the backside administrative work shut us out. After working on it for six months, and even attempting to upload a revised site, we failed to beat them. We were forced to clear out the entire server and start from scratch. As of July 1, 2019, we are now working on the new site and hope to have it fully functioning by August 1, 2019.

Below is our vision of what the museum is meant to do. Your donations help cover the cost of rebuilding the site and establishing effective system programs to help us avoid being victims of vicious hacking again.

Thank you for your contribution!


Building a Future for Writers and Readers!

Texas Authors Institute of History is designed to help us save the history of Texas Authors. With an estimated 10,000 published Texas authors over the past 200 years, that is a lot of history!

In addition to saving the history, we also want to build upon it, by giving writers opportunities to learn from past authors, current authors and to create a future for Texas authors. And, by creating a brighter future for Texas authors, we enhance education and growth through reading. Without readers, there is no need for writers.

In order to do this, TAIH needs to build a complex that encompasses all of these options. My vision has been a multi-story complex that is able to do the following:

  • House the old books
  • Have a strong enough infrastructure to preserve the books on digital format for learning purposes.
  • Create a physical bookstore to promote Texas authors and introduce readers to the huge variety of Texas author and their work.
  • Have housing available as rentals where book clubs can meet, people can vacation, have writing retreats, classes, etc.
  • Have an educational center for all ages to learn writing skills and to experience what the written word has created.
  • Have a large enough land area to allow people to commune with nature in a safe space.
  • All of this is to be centrally located in central Texas for easy access of all Texans.

The fund-raising program must begin in earnest to raise the current budget of $25 million to create this space by 2036, the 200-year anniversary of Texas Independence. The land will cost approximately $1 million, with the rest going to building costs and infrastructure to create the above.

The facility will be designed to be self-sufficient with an annual income that will cover the operational cost, thus allowing for additional donations to benefit program outreach and purchase of rare one-of-a-kind books.

Help us to create this unique space for the future while saving the past for Texas authors! Donate here: