Tree of Justice

by Carroll Matt Sinclair
Self Published
186 pages
ISBN: 978-0692293515
(c) 2014
First Edition

Tree of Justice ? is a historical novel in which the truth is more exciting than fiction. Follow the adventures of the Dorsett family in 1919 as they embark upon a five day wagon trip from Cherokee County in East Texas, westward along El Camino Real to Leon County. Henry’s resourcefulness gets them safely through as Nellie instructs the young girls in the folk ways of early east Texas. In Centerville the Dorsetts meet and work for the Sinclairs on their subsistence cotton farm near Centerville. Tragedy befalls Jim Sinclair, his mother, Mary Ann and his sister Carrie, as well as the Reverend Thomas Turner and his wife Ora. Tree of Justice ? is rich with the dialect and daily life of post-reconstruction Texas. Prepare to relive this adventure

History of the Book:

The victim was a cousin of mine in Centerville, TX in 1919.

Since I was reared int he same environs and scietal level, I felt that I am one of the few who could tell the story realistically.

The white/black social relations are not unique, but this is one of the last lynchings of a black person in this area.

Carroll M Sinclair - March 30, 2015



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