by Carolyn Rae
MuseItUp Publishing
200 Pages
ISBN: 978-1771276917
(c) 2015

Synopsis of the book:

Adventurous Megan McKinley finds searching for gold more exciting after hunky, bearded photographer, Joseph Logan, a man with a hidden past and a secret agenda, arrives at the dig. After Megan's archaeology professor boasts he found the terra cotta bowl she dug up, she suspects he's not the benevolent mentor she'd thought him. Then she discovers the photographer is actually Josh Seward, the clean cut high school teacher she had a crush on years ago. After Josh rescues her from hired gunmen, she is forced to flee with him through the Incan jungle. She finds passion in his arms before discovering he's hidden his identity to investigate a smuggling operation, and actually suspected her. Now she's mortified and mad. He should have trusted her with his identity before making love to her. But they must work together and trust each other, to escape the danger that's never far behind. For love to survive, she must forgive him for deceiving her, and he must deal with guilt from his deadly past and his belief he's not worthy of her.


History of the book as told by the Author:

I read about smuggling of artifacts from sites in Peru dating back to the time of the Incas.


Information was provided by the author on March 25, 2015