Ann Noble

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God is ready for a brand new agenda. It will be an explosion of power which will cause a stampede, but a stampede of good towards Him, bringing many blessings to us. God showed me in a dream that He is compares it to a tsunami. Wave after powerful wave, it is coming in. What will it bring? What is God going to restore? What do I have to do to be part of the blessings? I had only the title when I started to write this book. He had given that to me 15 years ago. Within two hours of committing to write, God downloaded 12 chapter titles into my head, and I quickly wrote them down. I could hardly wait to read the book, for I wanted to know what it said. As I approached each chapter, I asked as many questions as I could about each one. These were His titles, and I wanted His information. I listened, and God began to speak.


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