Fun at the Mike


by Gary G Miller
Self Published
ISBN: 978-0-57815941-6
(c) 2015
First Edition

These sketches and short plays have been performed for various enthusiastic audiences in the Austin/ Georgetown area. “Mother Goose” was produced at Georgetown’s Palace Theatre, and the director was still laughing at the final performance. The “Fairy Tales” still carry on after eight years at local schools, church groups, and libraries. “Dr. Bill” was a local TV series starring Mr. Miller himself as the well-meaning counselor.

Memorization? Not necessary! As you will see, the lines are effective even when read without costume or set. Enjoy with your friends.




Above was copied from the back of one of the original books we now have in storage

The autographed copy of the book was donated to the museum by the founder B. Alan Bourgeois

Autographed dedication to B. Alan Bourgeois reads:

Thanks to Alan
For lots of help
Gary Miller