Control Factor: The first book in the trilogy of the Control Factor Series (Volume 1)

by Patrick Neal
Self Published
106 Pages
ISBN: 9781505443141
(c) 2014
First Edition - The TAIH Museum has one copy signed by the author.

A sparse human population, in this well-detailed future post-apocalyptic novel, nervously co-exist with the saurian, the decedents of biologically modified super soldiers engineered during the unwinding of our world. It is against this strange backdrop that an unlikely hero, Joe Flannigan, rescues Eva from a cult commune, and invokes the rage roiling inside of its mystical and messianic leader. Follow Joe and Eva's journey, as the man possessed with a supernatural affliction pursues them, controlling all who would dare block his own will or the evil that controls him.

History of the Book:

I wrote this book after having a dream where I was the main character, carrying a woman out of the gates of a  commune,  alarms were blaring. There were miners whose ghostly faces were obscured  by gas masks,  then  we were being chased my several men in a ATV, one of which has a supernatural ability to locate the woman. I woke up and continued the story on a pc. It was a healthy way of dealing with me being denied visitation with one of my daughters, to whom I dedicated this book.




Above was provided by Patrick Neal