Cindy C Murray

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This is Book 2 in the series - Sophie and Scottie have returned home from their amazing adventure in Mexico. While helping to solve the mystery of the missing monarch butterflies, they'd met Dr. Drake. So, when he shows up at the ranch with a mysterious envelope, the sisters almost fall over with surprise! Could their globetrotting Auntie Jill have sent another photograph to activate thier magical frame once the picture is put into it? Was another mysterious adventure about to begin?

As the summer sun continues to climb over Shear Heaven Ranch, the girls excitedly open the envelope. Auntie Jill's intrucions are very detailed. Do they really ride their horses though the frame?! Sophie and Scottie developed special talents in their last adventure. What new talents will now help them to solve why the ocean currents and fish are acting strangely around a remote Pacific Island, where an otter can't resist shiney objects and a purple dolphin constantly blows bubbles?

These brave sisters once again use their trusty map, curiosity, and team work - all with a dash of science and a bit of magic - to help solve the island's "fishy" mystery!