Tui Snider is a writer and travel blogger specializing in offbeat sites, overlooked history, quirky travel destinations, and haunted places. Tui has worn a lot of hats in her life - literally - and is especially fond of berets.

When not obsessing over her latest writing projects, Tui enjoys posting photos on Instagram, and composing dreamy electronic music. She plays several instruments and is currently learning the Theremin - although, so far, she's pretty terrible at it!

Tui sometimes jokes that she became a travel writer simply because she's moved around so much. At one point, she moved 16 times in 10 years! After living in several US states, Belgium, Italy, and a tiny island with a population of 7, Tui fell in love with a Texan and followed her heart to the Lone Star State, where she has lived for 5 years straight - a personal record. Although Tui admits to experiencing as much culture shock here as she ever did overseas, she now considers Texas home.