Born on August 4, 1976, in Logan, Utah, JoAnna's family moved often which she attributes to her “gypsy soul”. Due to learning disabilities at a young age, countless hours of spelling practice and reading were the main focus of her childhood. Journaling was also used to help mitigate JoAnna's academic challenges. With pen in hand, the journaling not only helped her overcome the roadblocks but took root, and has been vital in her journey toward authorship.

Early adulthood included mothering four sons, military service, and completion of a Bachelors of Science degree in History from Methodist University. Following college, JoAnna was introduced to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series which peaked her interest in writing and has influenced her writing style.

In 2007, JoAnna moved to Houston, Texas, which she and her sons now call home. In addition to writing, JoAnna is a Social Studies teacher at a local high school. Family, teaching, and writing remain her passions.