Carol Rowland is the author of The Feline Park Inspector children's book series and other books starring Boo the Deaf Kitty.

She is also the human behind the iconic internet cats, Boo the deaf Kitty and Bug.

Carol spent many years homeschooling her three grown children, using the skills she learned while attending private schools for challenged students.

Having been diagnosed with dyslexia at an early age, Carol is an advocate for learning disabilities and encouraging literacy for all ages.

Her stories with Boo the Deaf Kitty encourage children to explore their world, interact with others and rely on athority figures to take action on larger problems.

Carol has already started on the next book in the FPI series to introduce the new Junior Feline Park Inspector, Boo's new assistant, his baby sister, Bug.

Most illustrations for Boo the Deaf Kitty and Friends are photos taken by Carol in her garden or while out with her feline stars.

She is also excited to announce the release of a new book for spring 2020, temporarily stepping away from the FPI series, to share the origin story of a special little rabbit.